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    team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

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    letlive. by Miranda Eliot

    Please don’t remove the caption

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    relationship goals

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    when you see the lucker stomp

    you reblog the lucker stomp

    and you forever reblog the lucker stomp

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    if someone is showing off their tattoo and it’s fresh and they’re happy about it do not fucking make fun of it i don’t care how pretentious or typical or pseudo-artsy you think it is if another human being shelled out a large sum of money to have something permanently etched onto their body and they are happy and proud of it do not fucking try to make them feel bad about it especially if it was a really big tattoo. holy shit.

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    Time to get spooky! Hell yes

    Hell. Yes.

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    Almost as bad, “What are you anxious about?”

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